Friday, 26/12/2015

Merry Christmas!

Dear foreign friends,

we're sorry to admit that we've been very lazy when it comes to updating our English section. The same applies for the German website too though since we're busy with working on our new album so please be gentle with us.

But here's a little Christmas gift for you: A friend of us edited a complete Director's Cut of our Rockpalast show so we thought it would be a nice idea to have him upload it for Christmas.

So: We wish you, your loved ones and your families a Merry Christmas and a healthy 2016. Thank you very much for being our friends.

Adrian, Christoph, Jonas, Julian & Julian + Norbert / Black Rust

Friday, 08/07/2011

These Days - New single

Dear friends,

These Days is our second single from the new album The Gangs Are Gone and is being played on the radio for a few weeks now. In order to honour this, we sat down at our editing table and made a nice little music video. Just this much: You will experience a "best of" of our mind-blowing class trip to India (,with which this chapter can be closed) and Batman also appears in it. Let the games begin:

And don't forget: we will be playing many shows in the upcoming months, presenting "The Gangs" live. New dates are coming in constantly, so maybe visit our website now and then in order to stay up-to-date. This way you won't miss out on anything.

Cheerio, Bass man / Black Rust

Tuesday, 05/07/2011

Cardinal Sessions

Dear friends,

A few days ago, we met up with the guys from Cardinal Sessions (btw: thanks! ) in order to record an unplugged / especially-sad-men's-music-version of These Days and Back To Where I Started. Grand bien vous fasse!

Tuesday, 07/06/2011

1LIVE Heimatkult

Those interested should tune into 1Live radio tomorrow evening at 8 p.m. We drove to Cologne for an interview for the show Heimatkult. You will be hearing this and some of our songs live on air. Cheers, 1LIVE!

Cheerio, Bass man / Black Rust.

Wednesday, 01/06/2011

"The Gangs Are Gone" album of the week at & free download

Just in time for the holiday: "The Gangs Are Gone" is the album of the week at! We are very happy that "Still" (quasi as an end of the trilogy) can be downloaded there for free. No logging in, no registration, you just have to click. Off the hook? Off the hook!

Cheerio, Bass man / Black Rust.

Tuesday, 17/05/2011


A few weeks ago, we stood high above the Reeperbahn as one of the last bands on BalconyTV's original balcony and performed "Still" including ambulance-siren-percussion. For those who like, here's the video!

Cheerio, Bass man / Black Rust.

Wednesday, 11/05/2011

"Still" on the jmc compilation

Short and sweet:

Those who haven't got our new album yet (why is that?), can download "Still" and many other songs for free on the JMC magazine complilation. You just have to sign up for their newsletter and that's it.

Cheerio, Bass man / Black Rust.

Wednesday, 04/05/2011

Release concert review & tour 2011

Dear friends,

Thank you ever so much for coming to our release concert two weeks ago in the FZW. We felt very pleased and honoured for you guys showing up.

If you'd like to read two great reviews of this evening and have a look at some pics, just check out Whitetapes and Terrorverlag online. In this regard, we would like to thank our special guests Daniel Brandl (cello), Jan Tillmanns (banjo, guitar) and Katharina Tatzel (backing vocals) for their great support.

By the way, this time we won't be playing a tour in one piece, but rather a number of shows spread throughout the year. And this is how it will look like:

15. April, Dortmund
16. April, Hamburg
06. Mai, Harsefeld
14. Mai, Offenburg
21. Mai, Saarburg/Kastel
28. Mai, Duisburg (Jonas SOLO)
02. Juni, Rees-Haldern
14. Juni, Dortmund (Jonas SOLO)
18. Juni, Ahlen
25. Juni, Aachen
09. Juli, Mönchengladbach (Open Air Frauen Fußball WM)
09. Juli, Hamm (Jonas SOLO)
14. Juli, Witten (Jonas SOLO)
17. Juli, Duisburg (Stadtfest)
30. Juli, Dortmund (Juicy Beats Festival)
30. Juli, Dülmen (Kultursommer Open Air)
14. August, Saarbrücken (Schlossgarten Open Ait)
27. August, Cadenberge (Open Air am Gutshof)
28. August, Waltrop (Waltroper Parkfest)
09. September, Eppstein
10. September, Münster
16. September, Köln
24. September, Isernhagen-Hannover
30. September, Essen
01. Oktober, Singwitz
07. Oktober, Neuenkirchen-Voerden
13. Oktober, Langenau
14. Oktober, Villingen-Schwenningen
15. Oktober, Königshofen
17. November, Brilon
19. November, Wesel

We hope to see you there! Bazinga!

Cheerio, Bass man / Black Rust.

Thursday, 14/04/2011

New album "The Gangs Are Gone" in stores tomorrow!


Dear Friends,

Tomorrow, the long-awaited moment will arrive and our new album "The Gangs Are Gone" will be in your local record shop of trust - or for those who prefer ones and zeroes you will then be able to download it. All in all, we worked more than two years on the album and can't describe in words how much it means to us. Perhaps we can share some of this with you.


For those interested in the story behind “The Gangs”, we highly recommend to watch our short album trailer. Summed up by Jonas in the words of Tony Parson: "Music is not there to change the world. Music is there to save your life."


We'd also like to use this opportunity to remind you of our big release concert in the FZW/ Dortmund tomorrow. For the first time we will cover the whole spectrum with several guest musicians and the first 100 copies of "The Gangs Are Gone" will be offered at a special price . Advance sale ends today but the ticket contingent at the evening box office will be big enough even for those who leave it until the very last minute.


Enough of this, we're keenly looking forward to see you tomorrow and are curious about your feedback to the album. Cheerio,

Bass man / Black Rust.

PS: If you'd like to pre-listen the songs, just follow this link.

PPS: And those who should happen to be in the Dortmund city center tomorrow at 3 p.m., you should come to the CD department at Saturn (Westhellenweg). We don't really know what to expect there, but we will have our instruments with us. ;-)

Saturday, 09/04/2011

Newcomer of the month at N-JOY Radio

This week we took a day trip to Hamburg and, amongst other things, met with N-JOY Radio for an interview. There we were voted newcomers of the month (right, even after our eight-year band history this is still possible) and we are very pleased about this. This means that those living up north will be hearing us on the radio quite a lot. Thanks, N-JOY!


Bass man / Black Rust.

Wednesday, 06/04/2011

WDR 2 special this evening starting at 9 p.m.

Ok, it's not quite radio weather in Northrhine-Westphalia at the moment (Dortmund main station had 22 degrees a while ago), but for those who like, feel free to tune into WDR 2 from 9:05 p.m. today. You will hear a little special about us and “The Gangs” in the show "Musikclub". Enjoy it!


Bass man / Black Rust.

Tuesday, 29/03/2011

"The Gangs Are Gone" - video & big release concert in Dortmund

Dear Friends,

Slowly but surely we are back on track: last week our “Gangs” video was launched for the first time at, now you can find it directly with us. For example here:

The imagery, which was originally meant as a metaphor, caught up with reality surprisingly soon and anyone who wants, can draw his/her own conclusions with the current events happening in Japan. This is not and never was our intention, but we will not keep you from spreading this video as a contra regarding nuclear insanity.

However, we find it far more interesting to present the new album to you live. This is going to take place with a big event in the FZW/ Dormund on April 15th. We are going to bring in the one or other guest for musical support and - we can reveal that much - the stage has never been as full. So come and visit the show. Beyond that, we are offering the first 100 copies of "The Gangs Are Gone" at a special price, definitely cheaper than in stores.

So much for now! We'll see you in a couple of weeks, alright? Cheerio,

Bass man / Black Rust.

PS: We'd like to thank our old friend and film producer Horst Herz for his support during video shooting. His camera skills enabled us to go from low budget to no budget. You're the best, Horst!

Friday, 25/03/2011

"The Gangs Are Gone" video premiere + ticket raffle at

Dear Friends,

Just in time for the weekend, our first single "The Gangs Are Gone" (release: April 1st) from our album with the same title (release: April 15th) including our video is celebrating its premiere. At you will exclusively find both, something for the eyes and the ears. Besides, we are also raffling 3x2 tickets for the concerts in Dortmund (release concert on April 15th in the FZW) and Hamburg (April 16th in Schloss Bergedorf). We look forward to your feedback and wish you lots of fun. Cheerio,

Bass man / Black Rust.

Wednesday, 02/02/2011

New album "The Gangs Are Gone" out 15th April  2011

Dear Friends,

Some good news: On April 15th our new album appears on Strange Ways Records / Indigo. It is named "The Gangs Are Gone" and we are very proud of it. You can hear excerpts from it shortly, but first we'd like to present the album cover and track list:

Coming up with a sort of concept album nowadays sounds quite pretentious and pompous, therefore we are going to deny ourselves this. Nevertheless, we have a somewhat feuilleton trap in stock, since this time there is a recurring theme running through each and every song, which picks up on the previous one, re-tells it and prepares the next one.

Generally speaking, "The Gangs Are Gone" is about a sole odyssey. A search for one's own identity. For identity, enlightenment and change. Perhaps even forgiveness. A lot of darkness is needed to get there, rising floods and sinking ships, but at the very end it concludes: "A wonder that we're still alright". It is this feeling of being secure, which is meant to be the essence of the album. Fresh and free, along the lines of: Music is not there to change the world. Music is there to save your life.

In fact, this works very well for us. You can find out on April 15th whether you feel the same way. On this day, we're celebrating the release of our new album with a big concert in the FZW/ Dortmund, for which advance sales start shortly.

So much for the moment, more to come later. Don't let the cold weather freeze your brains. Warmest greetings,

Bass man / Black Rust.

Tuesday, 18/01/2011

Happy New Year!

Yes, we're lagging behind, but those looking for web 2.0 fun would frequent other pages than ours anyway, right? However, we hope that you had a great start to the new year (we surely did as you can see) & please forgive us the "long time no hear and see", but in 2011 we're off to go again. More from us coming up next week, ok?

Warmest greetings & cheerio,

Bass man / Black Rust.

Friday, 05/11/2010

Back from the studio & last concerts 2010

Dear Friends,

No time for babbling, but: We are back! The studio recordings for our new album have blessed us with absolutely stunning months in Hamburg and London and we are as pleased and in tune with the result as never before. But more on this topic later. The release of the new record is planned for the first quarter 2011 and we have got our hands full with the preparations.

Therefore, we'd like to use this opportunity to remind you of the last concerts in this year:

1) On November 9th we will be supporting the film producer and our old friend Horst Herz during his video collage "Nomadsland" in the Pumpenhaus/ Münster. This is already the fourth time that we are responsible for the soundtrack in selected scenes, all in acoustic setup. By the way, Horst has just been awarded the PottSpot prize by the Adolf Grimme Institute for his contribution "Troubled Water", for which Jonas had responsibility for the soundtrack and accepted the award in his place.

2) We're looking forward to being back in Cologne for another show on November 19th. This will take place in the context of the "Today's Empires Festival" in the Blue Shell. We will be headlining this event on the Friday of the festival.

3) We'd also like to announce one last solo show with Jonas: For those who'd like to experience covers by Neil Young, Dylan and Adams in a singer/ songwriter setup shouldn't miss the show on December 17th in Essen.

4) Again, we are looking forward to complete the year with our traditional Christmas concert on December 26th in our hometown Ahlen. An eventful year has come to a close and we are looking forward to celebrating this with all our friends and supporters from the early days, who are in Ahlen anyway or only come back to their hometown for Christmas. It's gonna be great! Tickets will be available shortly on the website of the Schuhfabrik.

This is all for now, folks! We'd be very happy to see some of you at one of the concerts mentioned above. For those who we will not be seeing: See you guys next year, promise! Have a fantastic New Year's Eve and take care,

Bass man / Black Rust.

Wednesday, 7/21/2010

Studio recording session 2010 - New album coming 2011

Dear friends,

the last update is somewhat longer ago, so here comes the latest news for you:

1) We are recording a new album and are very happy about this. A lot has happened since Medicine & Metaphors and we can't wait to finally move on with a new record. Since yesterday, we are in Hamburg, where we are closing ourselves off from the outside world, in order to rehearse, exchange new ideas, try new instruments and simply allow ourselves to drift. By the end of September we will be done. Robin Proper-Sheppard is also on board again and will be sitting at the studio desk. The result will be available in stores at the beginning of next year. Great!!

2) Nevertheless, we are still playing three festival gigs in between, where we are going to try out our new songs live. These shows will be in the Sauerland region (Henneseefest), at the Mosel (Lott Festival) and in the Ruhr region (Essen Original).

3) Maybe you have noticed that we have a new website. Just click your way through it, there is a lot to be discovered! Especially the media section has been improved. We sorted all our videos and even uploaded some new ones. Have fun!

Cheerio, Bassman / Black Rust.

Tuesday, 04/27/2010

Singing in German: Big live video Update from India

Dear friends,

This will be our last India update for the time being: Perhaps you still remember our appeal asking you to send us suggestions for German songs, which you would like to hear in a Black Rust version. We had the idea to take some local culture with us over the ocean and sing 3-4 tracks in German for the Indian audience. The response was just as pleasing as overwhelming. Thus, first of all many thanks to all those who diligently sent us so many mails!

Indeed, there were a lot of great suggestions among your mails and we tried hard to take some of the requests with on board. Unfortunately, it was hard to keep track of all your wishes, but if I remember rightly, Lisa N. and Chiara Jana P. both requested the same song. Strangest suggestion: Elvis Presley with "Muss I Denn Zum Städtele Hinaus", closely followed by "Ein Bisschen Frieden" by Nicole and something else by Peter Maffay. Whereby the latter was actually considered for a brief moment. ;-)

But there is no point in lamenting, these are the songs:

For the people who know us - probably no surprise - we had a lot of fun rehearsing these songs.

By the way: At this point we would again like to thank the people who actually made this great journey possible:

A big fuckin’ "THANK YOU!" to Rajesh, Chris, Syed and especially Franz. It was an unforgettable experience and we are still very grateful for their support. There will be more details on our trip in a detailed video documentation, but this still has to be edited and at the moment we simply don't have the time.

We are now concentrating on the follow-up album to "Medicine & Metaphors" and are going to be playing the occasional open air show in between. It would be great to see you there! A home concert with free entry at the Eurocityfest in Münster is also among these.

Cheerio & a carefree summer for all, Bassman / Black Rust.

Monday, 04/12/2010

Photos from India, travelogue by Jonas & Black Rust on facebook

Dear friends,

At the moment we have our hands full with recording the first demos for our new album and editing the entire footage of our India journey. But in order to shorten the time, we have uploaded not less than 166 photos into two albums for you to look at.

We have categorized these in "Holiday" (vacation) and "Work" (concert). ;-) Have fun looking at them!

For those, whose interest we have awakened and live near our hometown Ahlen (Westphalia), tomorrow (Tuesday, April 13th) Jonas will be giving a short lecture at 8 pm in the Bürgerzentrum Schuhfabrik. He will be telling about our journey, showing photos and videos and will also be playing a couple of songs. Entrance is free.

That's all for now, folks! Have a great start for the new week! So long, Bassman / Black Rust

PS: Yes, above you will find the links to our new facebook page and anyone who wants to can add us to his friends.

Monday, 03/01/2010

Back from India: WDR 2 special, concert in Münster & Aerobatics

Dear friends,

We are back! Everything remained in one piece, no one got lost, it was amazing.

It is not easy to take in so many impressions in so short a time and even after letting things drift, we find it hard to realize everything. For this reason, a big update with photos, videos and texts will have to wait a little bit, but will definitely follow soon. But thanks to cell phone cameras and YouTube you can already get a small blurred impression here.

For those who are interested in firsthand information, they can tune into WDR 2 on Wednesday at 9 pm. Last week we recorded an extensive interview in our shared appartment, which can be heard in the WDR 2 Musikclub as part of the series "Musikszene NRW". We talked exclusively about our trip to India and believe that we have told the one or other exciting story.

In order to celebrate our homecoming, you can see us 1 ½ weeks later, live and in colour. On Saturday, March 13th we will be playing a concert in one of our favorite clubs in Münster: Amp. There will be many new song and later surely a few anectodes over a beer, before we then continue our live break to focus totally on planning our new album.

By the way: Jonas has a new side project with musician friends from Dortmund, which runs under the name Aerobatics. Indie rock in your face, which is really fun and finally can be heard on the Aerobatics MySpace page page. Have a listen!

That's all for now, folks! Thank you for your attention. We will soon be back with a big India update. So long, Bassman / Black Rust.

Mittwoch, 03. Februar 2010

Black Rust in India!

Dear friends,

We have great news for you!

As announced, we actually wanted to take a short break for the first months of the New Year to focus on songwriting and studio preparations. But the following story occurred:

An Englishman living in Münster meets an Indian living in Germany in his local pub and tells him about us. The next morning, in state of a massive hangover, this Indian fellow listens to our record, is impressed and recommends us to his buddy, who works for the Goethe Institute in India. And this friend is so impressed by us that he officially invites us to India to play a big open-air concert.

Crazy shit, hm? In any case, none of us have the words to express how excited we are about this, because this story is actually true. On February 17th we are flying to 30° C warm Trivandrum, will be playing a show in the huge Technopark arena on the 19th and will make our way home on the 23rd. According to our new friend Rajesh, this is supposed to be a massive festival with a couple of thousand people. Entrance is free and the local media is already busy announcing the concert.

Now it's your turn! Since we have the honour to play in a country so far away and the whole thing is being organized by the Goethe Institute as a kind of cultural exchange, we thought about doing something we have never done before: sing a number of songs in German. We want to present a little German music to the Indian audience and include 3-4 songs by German artists into our program. Anyone can send us their suggestions for German songs that he/she would like to hear in our version. If we like your suggestion, we will make a Black Rust version out of it, play it in India and record the whole thing, so that you can listen to the result when we are back.

Beyond that, of course we will take a lot of photos, make videos and keep a tour diary, with which we can proudly show off to you after having returned back home. Aight, we hope that you are just as excited as we are and are looking forward to your suggestions for German cover songs. Again, we can hardly believe this whole thing and can't wait to get there. But now we shall first insure the double bass...

Cheerio and beloved greetings to y'all, Bassman / Black Rust.

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