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Sunday, 12/20/2009

Merry Christmas!

Dear friends,

We want to wish you a Merry Christmas and the obligatory Happy New Year!

In order to intensify these expressions a bit, we are giving away something again: For those, who are just as distracted by the penetrating sound of "Last Christmas" and other kinky Christmas muzak as we are, we have a 'slightly' different song to offer. Somewhat different means that we are talking about anything but Christmas music, which is only being alienated, because we are giving it away for Christmas.

More armageddon than birth... Well, probably only Bob Dylan himself, who wrote the song "Not Dark Yet" will know what's right or wrong. Our very own version of this song can be downloaded for free here.

And for those who prefer it more live and direct should come to the Schuhfabrik in Ahlen (Westphalia) on December 26th, where we are ending the year again with our traditional Christmas concert. We therefore welcome you to this special event! There will be new songs, new instruments and later at the bar probably the one or other new friend.

In this sense: It's not dark yet... but it's getting there.

Bassman / Black Rust.

Wednesday, 11/11/2009

Review and preview 2009

Dear friends,

The year is coming to a close and we are also slowly settling down. But before we’ll let it rock and roll another three times, we have a little annual review for you. In 2009 we played almost exactly 50 shows and each of them brought us a big step forward. An exciting year ends for us and we are indeed truly thankful for you joining us in realizing our mission and supporting us.

Whether the MySpace competition including the following New Year's Eve living room concert, the TV concert on Kanal 21, our release party in Dortmund, our first major tour in march, the open-air show at the Orange Blossom Special festival, our concerts on the main stages of the Eurocityfest in Münster and the Lichterfest in Dortmund's Westfalenpark, the show at the Neil Young freaks' fanclub and Info News, both tours as support for our friends of the band Sophia (whereby no. 2 ended in October in the Kulturkirche in Cologne... one of the greatest venues we have ever played)… and finally talking to you guys over a beer after the shows and our record “Medicine & Metaphors“.

Those who have visited our concerts know - thanks to my pathos-ridden drivel, shortly before we play our song "Still" acoustically in the middle of the audience - that it has been a bumpy road up to here and it still is anything but easy. Nevertheless, we are not planning on giving up and will not just give in. For this reason, we will be playing another three big shows and are truly happy to stop off first in our second home town Dortmund, where we will be playing in the new FZW (by the way on Friday, the 13th), shortly followed by a gig in Duisburg a few weeks later. In order to complete our North Rhine-Westphalia triology, we will be ending the year in the town, where everything started in 2003: Ahlen.

Nov., 13th 2009, FZW / Dortmund
Dec., 11th 2009, Tempel / Duisburg
Dec., 26th 2009, Schuhfabrik / Ahlen

And this is supposed to be it forthe time being. Meaning that a concert time-out is imminent. For a few weeks, we have been busy with a huge pile of new songs and are proud to announce the good news: already in 2010 we will be back in the recording studio! But up until then much is still to be done. So keep your fingers crossed, it would definitely not hurt. Anyway, this is for sure: If we shouldn't see each other for the next two months in Dortmund, Duisburg or Ahlen, we will definitely make up for this next year! This is a promise!

In this spirit, I wish you a happy autumn-blues and so on and so forth! All the best, Bassman / Black Rust.

PS: If someone doesn’t know what to give his/ her loved one for Christmas, we would like to inconspicuously point out to our new official BLACK RUST SHOP.

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